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 On Display

Scale Model of Anakin Skywalkers Spaceship

Space Ship Art by: Billy Donegan

Please come by and check out the new display!!

    Every gift has a story. Have you ever noticed the beautiful 6- foot Star Wars Jedi Starfighter flying quietly in the children’s library? One of our patrons constructed the replica of Anakin Skywalker’s Starfighter from recycled and found materials. Billywayne Donegan of Ozark taught himself the process by doing research here at our library. Four months and $500 dollars later, we received a personal thank you gift in response to the library forgiving a debt.  This was the first time he had built anything with this level of detail. Billywayne used a 12-inch model and scaled it 8 ½ times bigger. Fabricated using blue construction Styrofoam used in houses, receiving a bit of funding from local suppliers like ACE Hardware, Townsend, his church, using found objects such as washing machine parts, and bottles he was able to complete his masterpiece. R2D2 was added because everyone knows him and when doing his research he learned that any artist making this Starfighter would make it differently than the next.Billywayne knew a super natural element was behind this work of art. He felt called to step up to the plate when he was unemployed, trusting that he would find a way complete the project. Billywayne chairs the Friday N. A. and A. A. meetings held at the west wing of the library. Advice he extends is “You will intuitively learn how to handle life’s problems that used to baffle.” The secret to life is to never stop learning and this is the core of why libraries exist.