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Children's shirts are $10 for sizes small, medium, and large.

Adults' shirts are $15 for sizes small, medium, large, extra large, and extra extra large. 


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All proceeds support the building of the new Library!



Leap into the future with the Friends of the Library!

We love the Friends of the Library! They help us in so many ways, including supporting our events, collecting fund raising activities, increasing the Library's services and facilities, and many other extraordinary projects. They also sponsor a Book Sale Room, whose funds help support our library. The Book Sale Room has a great selection of books for sale, and best of all, they are cheap!!! Some of our materials for sale include-- recent releases by best-selling authors; some of the greatest classics of all time; self-help books; adventure; National Geographic magazines, sold either by year or by issue; science fiction; biographical works; health-related materials, and much more! The Book Sale Room is organized and maintained by the Friends of the Library and is opened during the normal Library hours of operation.

 So stop by and visit the Friends of the Library Book Sale Room today!!! 


Who are the Friends of the Library?

The Friends of the Ozark Dale County Library, Inc. was first organized in 1971 from the Library Committee of the Ozark Service League. This committee consisted of a hard-working and very active group of people who saw the advantages of progressive library services in their community. As a result, this group established an independent organization of men and women with the sole purpose of promoting Library services.  
How does one join the Friends?


 Membership is open to all, including children, and is gained by paying dues, yearly. Types of memberships and dues are:

Platinum $250

Gold $100

Silver $ 50

Bronze $ 25

Family $ 15

Individual $ 10

Junior $ 7

The year of membership is from January to January. You may join by obtaining a brochure at the library, filling out the form, and turning it in, along with your dues, to the front desk. You may also fill out this attached form and mail it and your dues to Friends of the Library, 416 James St., Ozark, AL 36360.


Why should I join the Friends?

1. The Book Sale Room – Located in the library through a door west of the Reference Section, houses fiction and non-fiction books for sale at very low prices, usually from 50 cents to $3.00, except for 1st editions which may sell for $4.50 at most. All subjects are covered. This sale room is open whenever the Library is open.



2. Amazon Used Book Sales – In a separate space, books that have a value of at least $15 are listed in our Amazon Book Store (Library 430). We began this service in 2008, and it has proven to be successful.


Members who have been trained list donated books which have extra value on Amazon and file them awaiting sales. This is a cooperative effort with staff. The Librarian works with Amazon, and another staff person packs and mails books that have been purchased. We have a five star rating.


3. Special Book Sales – From time to time, our stores begin to overflow and some donations remain on the shelves too long. When this happens, we have Sales.


Because we have the use of another room to store such books, we are able to have Mini Book Sales, usually on a Saturday morning, where we offer the old books as well as the regular Sale Room books with the hopes of reducing the inventory.


However, we also sponsor Spring Book Sale and Book, Bake, and Plant Sale in the Fall when we have a surplus of donations and Library discards.  One year we even had a Rummage Sale.


The most important fact about all these sales is that money received goes directly to the Library. Since 2000, Book Sales have contributed $26,339 to the Library! This money allows the staff to offer more special services.


Over the past fifteen years, the Friends have made significant contributions to the Library:

1. The most ambitious project, in 2003, was the renovation of the Landscape. At that time, there were a number of overgrown shrubs and weeds scattered across the front of the building. The first step of our project was to remove all the old vegetation. At a cost of $15,000, the Friends built the Pergola with the concrete pad, installed a sprinkler system, and planted the current beds and trees in front and down the East side of the building. The planning and much of the planting was done in conjunction with the Claybank Master Gardeners. 

2. That cooperation continues with Master Gardeners and the City sharing maintenance and the Friends helping and supplying materials. In 2008, Master Gardeners installed drip irrigation in beds that line the entry ways.

Master Gardeners ClubMaster Gardeners Club

3. They also supported the production of the VCR and later conversion to DVD of the local production, Honoring and Preserving the Heritage: Ozark’s Architectural History 1824-1957. 


Over recent years, the Friends have also: 
 The Master Gardeners have presented a number of public programs on gardening topics at the Library, and in 2009, they contributed a very successful plant sale during the Book Sale in May. That project is to be repeated in May 2010.

The Friends have also supported publications:

 1. They manage and receive funds from sales of Val McGee’s local history books. They have an account devoted to paying for reprinting those books when necessary.


 2. They also supported the production of the VCR and later conversion to DVD of the local production, Honoring and Preserving the Heritage: Ozark’s Architectural History 1824-1957.


1. Paid for the rental of Best Sellers.  


2. Bought chairs, tables, and equipment.


3. Underwritten and provided special programs.


4. Built bookcases in the storage room to allow for organized storage for the Mini Book Sales.


5. Purchased a new outdoor sign in 2009.


6. Helped with the Big Read programs in 2008.


7. Provided refreshments for many special functions.


8. Paid to reframe art in the Library’s collection.


When do they meet?

Every year, there is an Annual Meeting, usually on the last Monday of January. It is a covered dish luncheon, often referred to as "the best meal in Ozark." At this meeting, the members elect officers and pay dues for the coming year. There is usually an entertaining program at this event.

There is a Board Meeting each month on the 2nd Saturday at 10:30.

Who are the members of the Board?
President – Nikki Britton
Vice-President – Vacant
Treasurer & Secretary – Elizabeth Delaney

Recent former Presidents: 

 Roberta Hyers, Kay Burns, Marian Jenkins, Elizabeth Babine, Mo Armstrong, Chris Wisham, Jeff Devine, Amber Chancey


Constitution & By-Laws

At the Annual meeting in 2010, the membership approved a new Constitution and By-Laws that incorporates changes and new programs in the Friends' organization.

Contact the Friends


Look who were caught working hard in the Friends of the Library Book Sale Room.

Pictured are, from left to right, Ms. Pat Walker, Mrs. Sarah Carroll, Ms. Susan Cox, Ms. Sally Tarter, Ms. Sally Covington, Ms. Mary Vaeth
Seated, from left to right, are Ms. Susie Harris and Ms. Faye Hale.

Thank you for all of the hard work, dedication, and volunteer hours you have provided to the Library. You help us provide the best possible Library services to our community!