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Dale County's Best:

Obituaries of Those in Uniform from Dale County Who Served Our Country



The spreadsheet below provides links to the obituaries of the brave Dale County soldiers who served our country. We are honored and proud to call them our "Dale County's Best".  If you have an obituary of a soldier who was born, raised, or lived in Dale County, please either email it to, or bring it to the Library so we can add it to our collection.  


To search for a specific surname, first click on the appropriate initial found at the bottom of each document. Next, press the "Ctrl" and "F" keys at the same time and a search bar will appear near the top of your screen. Please search using the last name only - the combination of last name and first name will not work.


You can print the obituaries by either using the print option in your browser or by copying and pasting the picture. To copy and paste the obituary, right click on the picture and left click "copy." Then, open up a Microsoft Word or Microsoft Publisher document. Right click somewhere within the document and left click "Paste." Finally, right click, and then left click "Print."


Please note, we are currently working on updating this list. Please see our Obituaries page for a complete list of obituaries available.