Patrons - We are still currently closed as we make the final transition into our new location.

We're officially opening October 25th at 10am.


POLICY. The Ozark-Dale County Public Library strives to provide the means by which all people within its service area may have free access to a variety of thoughts and ideas. Therefore, this Library provides Internet access to the public so that we may meet the informational, educational, and recreational needs of our community. In using the Internet our patrons are allowed to become familiar with state-of-the-art information technology.

The Ozark-Dale County Public Library has no control over the information accessed through the Internet and cannot be held responsible for its content or accuracy. Therefore, users are notified that they are responsible for the access points they reach. Parents of minor children must assume responsibility for their children's use of and/exposure to the Internet through the library's connection.

The Internet and its resources contain a wide variety of information and opinions from various points of view. The Ozark-Dale County Public Library endeavors to balance the rights of users to access these resources with the rights of people to work in a public environment free from disruptive sounds and offensive visual images. There are information resources on the Internet that are inappropriate for display in a public setting.

In compliance with the Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA), filtering is installed and enforced. Filtering limits the amount of pornographic or obscene materials available on the Internet; however be aware that no filtering technology is completely effective. Therefore this Library will have no liability for damages related to the operation of, or failure of, the filtering technology installed, or for its circumvention by patrons. Alabama Law 13a-12-200.3 specifically prohibits the public dissemination of obscene material. Individuals may request access to blocked materials. Staff members will reset the computer accordingly, but if the material is clearly inappropriate, offensive to other library patrons, and is prohibited by law, staff member may end a patron's Internet session. If the director determines that the offensive material is contrary to the laws of Alabama, as indicated below, authorities may be called for appropriate legal action.

Illegal or disruptive activities that interfere with users, services, or equipment are prohibited.

1.   Dissemination or public display of obscene matter is a misdemeanor 
      in Alabama. (13A-12-200.3)
2.   Dissemination or public display of obscene matter containing visual 
      reproduction of persons under 17 years of age involved in obscene 
      acts is a Class B felony in Alabama. (13A-12-191)

Violation of the law may subject you to loss of library privileges or criminal prosecution.

Copies obtained from the Internet may be subject to copyright law. Violation of the law may subject you to an action for damages and/or an injunction.

GUIDELINES. These guidelines apply to all users of the Ozark-Dale County Public Library's public computers. Failure to comply with these guidelines may result in the loss of library privileges. User's access to our computer network and Internet is a privilege, not a right. Violations may result in loss of the user's right to Internet Access and/or Library privileges.

  1. You are expected to observe the Rules of the Ozark-Dale County Public Library.
  2. Internet access is available during all regular operating hours. Basic computer instruction will be available each Saturday.
  3. Time limits for computers are established for use according to patron demand. Each patron may use a computer for one (1) hour per day. Times may be extended if there is no one waiting. Individuals who have used their daily time allotted and have been removed due to other patrons waiting, may not sign on for additional time.
  4. Reservations for public computer use may be made one day or more in advance. Patron demand determines the length of reserved time slots. Appointments begin and end at the scheduled time.
  5. Information may be saved by printing or downloading to your own diskettes. The Ozark-Dale County Public Library is not responsible for any damage to your disk or computer resulting from information downloaded from a library computer.
  6. Printed copies are $.20 per page. Only elementary, middle school, and high school students will be charged $.05 per page for school assignments. All others will be charged at the regular rate.
  7. To use a computer, you must have a valid library card. Exceptions will be made for those individuals passing through the area who wish to check their E-mail and are not residents of Dale County. They will be logged on as "Computer Visitor."
  8. Children under the age of 10 will not be allowed to use the Library's main computers unsupervised. Supervision will consist of a parent, older sibling at least 17 years old, or other responsible adult. However, children under the age of 10 may use the computers located in the Children's Section at any time.